Chef Fred Neuville

Fat Hen Restaurant

Seared Local Grouper
over Wild Mushrooms, Butter Beans,
Tomatoes, and Garlic


1 7oz piece of Black Grouper
2oz wild mushrooms
1/2oz tomato concasse
4oz cooked butter beans
2oz garlic butter
1oz white wine
3oz chicken stock
1/2oz olive oil
Salt and pepper to tast
Chopped parsley and chives to garnish


1. Heat oil in saute pan to the smoking point.  Season grouper with salt and put in pan
2. Sear grouper on side to a golden brown.  Flip and place in a 425 degree pre-heated oven.  Cook about 8-12 minutes or until almost done.  Remove from oven and keep warm.
3. In the pan you sauteed the fish in, add white wine and reduce by half.  Add all other ingredients except garlic button.  Cook until hot.
4. When hot, finish the mixture with garlic butter, salt and pepper.
5. To place, pick your fanciest serving plate, spoon the butter bean mixture onto the pate and top with the beautifully seared grouper.  Top with buerre blance and serve.